Take Delight

Words from Priscilla Shirer’s book AWAKEN: “We’re constantly gathering and producing and spending and eating and collecting and keeping and hoarding — beyond what we should, beyond what we need — instead of genuinely enjoying and appreciating what God has already done, instead of trusting that He is our ultimate provider and will sustain us when we honor His boundaries (p.108).
Shirer calls us to Sabbath rest. God calls us to Sabbath rest. What a glorious thing if you can receive it! God knows how He designed us. For 6 days we were made to work and on the 7th day, we were made to rest. Can we trust His design and His call?
We Americans have a hard time stopping. Shirer addresses this well — we constantly gather, produce, eat, keep, hoard — when is enough enough? Do we take time to actually enjoy God, to enjoy His blessings? Or, are we so busy asking Him for the next thing or chasing it ourselves that we miss Him altogether?
Friends, He is it. He is the answer. He is what you want in the deepest part of yourself. Stop. Listen. Rest. Take delight in who the Lord is, how He loves you and then thank Him for all the blessings of your life.
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