Walking Through the Door of Pain with Faith

Suffering, pain, disappointment, hurt, loss. These words describe life in a fallen world. What do we do with these feelings? Run, stuff, escape or enter into the painful process of feeling, working and healing.

We all have the hard stuff, and we all have a choice of what to do with it. Personally, the year has been filled with loss, disappointments, and challenges. Since being back from Florida, we have gone 14 days without air conditioning and now 15 days without electricity in part of the house.

Life doesn’t always go the way that I want it to go. I can choose faith or I can choose fear. Today, I want to choose faith. Here are words from Warren Wiersbe: “When you and I hurt deeply, what we really need is not an explanation from God but a revelation of God. We need to see how great God is; we need to recover our lost perspective on life. Things get out of proportion when we are suffering, and it takes a vision of something bigger than ourselves to get life’s dimensions adjusted again.” My challenges are definitely out of perspective (though hard).

Faith, hope, joy, fulfillment, laughter, connection. These words also describe life in a fallen world. These experiences often result from walking through the challenges with faith. Often, the greatest blessings are through the door of pain.

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