More Than A Conqueror!

It is vitally important for me to look back at how God has worked in my life and to share my story. This week, I have marveled at the wonderful people God has put in my life to help me grow in my spiritual journey. There are so many to thank; however, words from one special friend have been in my mind all week.

A few years ago, I have the blessing of time with Linda Strickland. We heard each others stories then she spent some time praying for me. I will never forget when she paused in her prayer over me and spoke these words: “Brooke, you have lived as an overcomer, but God wants you to live as more than a conqueror.”

Needless to say, I began meditating on Romans 8 and even tried to memorize the whole chapter (which didn’t go so well). God seems to be prodding me to move back to the exhortation of Linda’s words to me that day.

There is so much in life to overcome. I was one who had persevered through life despite many challenges and much adversity. However, I do want my life to be characterized as more than an overcomer. For me, to live as “more than a conqueror” has required much healing and a true understanding of God’s love with my heart instead of just my head.

How I give thanks for those who have spoken into me, prayed for me, encouraged me and loved me along the way. God is so good to provide what we need for each and every season.

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