Bitter or Blessing?

Here in Houston there is a wonderful lunch time teaching on Wednesdays at our church. It is run by Yes Ministries and taught by Laura Seifert. Laura has a beautiful gift of teaching the Scriptures. Today, Laura interviewed a woman who has been struggling with a rare type of cancer in her sinus cavities. This woman said many encouraging and profound words. These are the ones that stuck with me:

“You can be bitter or you can be a blessing.”

In my mind, I always want to choose blessing. However, if I am honest, I am often find that my flesh chooses bitter.

As we have heard in the teachings by Laura this semester, there are many storms in life. God meets us in those storms. We can turn towards Him and become a blessing or we can turn away from Him and become bitter.

Today, I choose blessing. I choose to turn into God. The choice is a daily choice. I pray that through the power of God’s Holy Spirit that you and I can choose to be a blessing through each and every storm. God is faithful!

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